RiMO Therapeutics, Inc. (RiMO), is a privately held oncology drug development company that aims to address unmet medical needs and improve patient care. Our proprietary Radio-immuno Metal-Organic (RiMO) technology platform greatly enhances the efficacy of X-ray radiotherapy via the unprecedented radiotherapy-radiodynamic therapy (RT-RDT) mode of action. RiMO clinical candidates are intrinsically non-toxic and greatly reduce X-ray doses needed to eradicate local tumors in mouse models. The RiMO technology also allows to combine multiple therapeutic modalities to increase efficacy while simultaneously reducing toxicity.
The RiMO platform was pioneered in the lab of Professor Wenbin Lin at the University of Chicago. As a versatile technology platform, RiMO components can be purposefully chosen to enhance and synergize with currently existing therapies. RiMO products are especially potent in combination with checkpoint blockade inhibitors by increasing T cell infiltration into lowly immunogenic solid tumors.